Who should sign up?


  1. Individuals, 18 years of age, who wish to post and promote different events in their cities.
  2. Representatives of formal & informal groups.
  3. Corporate representatives.


  1. Bona-fide college students 18 years of age, enrolled with institutions in India only.


  1. Event organizers, Event Promoters & Managers, Event advertisers who wish to Sponsor Event Banners on this website.


When can I start creating event on the website?

Once your registration formalities are complete, you will get the clearance from the website admin. You can start creating your events thereafter.

When will the event be published?

Whenever the event details are submitted by you, the screening process will be completed within 48 hrs. The publish click button will become active for you to publish the event when you want to go live.

What if the event is not cleared for publishing?

The website admin will communicate to you the reasons for not clearing the event for publishing.

Are the categories of events limited?

Yes, the categories of events are limited to those reflected on the home page.

Do I have to pay for getting my event published on this website?

No, you don’t have to pay anything to get your event published.

Can I write about events?

Yes, you are welcome to write and publish the same on the website. If interested get in touch with